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About Me
Fabian Ruehle
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Current postion
Northeastern University - Assistant Professor2021 - now
IAIFI Affiliate2021 - now
Previous positions
CERN - Fellow in Theoretical Physics2018 - 2021
University of Oxford - Visiting scientist2018 - 2021
University of Oxford - Postdoc in Theoretical Physics2016 - 2018
DESY Hamburg - Postdoc in Theoretical Physics2013 - 2016
SAP AG (software company) - working student2006 - 2009
University of Bonn - PhD in Physics (0.0 "summa cum laude")2010 - 2013
Supervisor: Hans Peter Nilles
University of Heidelberg - Diplom in Physics (Grade 1.0+)2003 - 2009
Supervisors: Arthur Hebecker and Stefan Groot Nibbelink.
Graduated best in class (size 120) with highest distinction.
University of Heidelberg - B.Sc. in Computer Science (Grade 1.0+)2006 - 2009
Supervisors: M. Gertz (Heidelberg University), G. Liebig (SAP)
Graduated best in class (size 20) with highest distinction.
Awards and honors
Prize for the best Bachelor degree2010
Awarded by the Department of Computer Science for the best CS degree in 2010 (of 20)
Otto-Haxel Prize for the best degree in Physics in 20092009
Awarded by the University of Heidelberg for the best theoretical Diplom in 2009 (of 120)
Tuition waiver for Heidelberg University2008 - 2009
Tuition waiver for extraordinary achievements (best 5% of class)
Fellowships and support
Royal Society University Research Fellowship (declined)2021 - 2026
Support for CERN institute on machine learning2021
Support for Bethe Forum on machine learning2021
Support for a program on machine learning at the Simons Center2020
Support for the conference "String Pheno 2019"2019
Support for the workshop "Physics meets ML"2019
Support for the workshop "Machine Learning Landscape"2019
Bonn-Cologne Graduate School2010 - 2013
Marie Curie Initial Training Network "UNILHC"2012
SAP Fast-Track scholarship2007 - 2009
Baden-Württemberg scholarship2005 - 2006
Organization of scientific meetings
Bethe Forum on ML (20 participants, Bonn, Germany)2022
One-week program for ML experts to form new collaborations
Virtual "String Phenomenology 2021" (~280 registered participants, ZOOM)2021
One of the main conferences in the field of String Phenomenology [Homepage]
Virtual "String Phenomenology Seminar Series" (~100 registered participants, ZOOM)2021 - now
Weekly seminar series on topics in String Phenomenology [Homepage]
String Data 2020 (90 participants, CERN (virtual), Switzerland)2020
Annual conference on string theory and data science [Homepage]
Virtual "Physics meets ML" (>2'000 registered participants, ZOOM)2020 - now
Bi-weekly seminar series on topics in Machine Learning and Physics [Homepage]
"Neural Networks and the Data Science Revolution" (NY, USA)2020
1-month program and a workshop at the Simons Center [Homepage]
SIAM 2019, Mini-symposium on machine learning (Bern, Switzerland)2019
Symposium within the conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry
"String Phenomenology 2019" (160 participants, CERN, Switzerland)2019
One of the main conferences in the field of String Phenomenology [Homepage]
"String Geometry and String Phenomenology Institute" (36 participants, CERN, Switzerland)2019
Workshop where more formal aspects of String Phenomenology are discussed [Homepage]
"Physics meets ML" (80 participants, Seattle, WA, USA)2019
Joint conference with Microsoft Research [Homepage]
"Machine Learning Landscape" (40 participants, ICTP Trieste, Italy)2018
Program on ML and energy landscapes [Homepage]
"Planck 2013" (180 participants, University of Bonn, Germany)2013
One of the main conferences on Physics beyond the Standard Model [Homepage]
"Inaugural Bethe Forum" (80 participants, University of Bonn, Germany) 2011
A small workshop where experts meet to collaborate on a certain topic [Homepage]
"2nd Bethe Center workshop" (80 participants, Bad Honnef, Germany)2010
Annual Bethe Center workshop [Homepage]
Institutional responsibilities
Member of Grad Admissions Committee (Northeastern)2022
Member of Colloquium Committee (Northeastern)2021
Member of the COMBAT Covid19 data analysis team (Oxford)2020 - 2021
Organizer of the CERN string theory journal club (CERN)2020 - 2021
Organizer of the string theory seminar (DESY)2014 - 2016
Member of Bachelor student selection committee (Hamburg University)2015
Webmaster of the SFB program (DESY)2013 - 2016
Webmaster of the BCTP and the SFB Transregio (Bonn)2010 - 2013
Referee and review activities
Referee for scientific journals2016 - now
Physical Review Letters, Physical Review D, Journal of High Energy Physics, Physics Letters B, Progress in Physics, Nuclear Physics B, ML: Science & Technology, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Knot theory and its ramifications, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras
Referee for grant committees and conferences2020
Four international grant committees, NeurIPS 2020 Workshop on Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences
"Physics 1" (Northeastern University)2021
Introductory course based on the textbook by Tipler & Mosca
"Introduction to Machine Learning for Physicists" (University of Oxford)2020
Master course based on my Physics Reports
"Machine learning and its applications" (Bonn University)2019
Master course (Bethe Forum lecture series) based on my Physics Reports
"The Standard Model of Particle Physics" (University of Oxford)2018
Master course for Mathematical Physicists based on several textbooks
"Groups and Representations" (University of Oxford)2017 - 2018
Teaching tutorials and grading exercises
"Electromagnetism" (Balliol College Oxford)2017
Revision class for Balliol college based on the textbook by Jackson
"Groups and Representations" (University of Oxford)2016 - 2017
Teaching tutorials and grading exercises
"Group Theory for Physicists" (Hamburg University)2015 - 2016
Bachelor course based on the textbook by Jones
"Group Theory for Mathematical Physicists" (Hamburg University)2015
Master course based on the textbook by Fuchs and Schweigert
"Advanced Topics in String Theory" (Bonn University)2012
Organization and teaching of tutorials, exercises, and exams
"Introduction to String Theory" (Bonn University)2011 - 2012
Organization and teaching of tutorials, exercises, and exams
"General Relativity and Cosmology" (Bonn University)2011
Organization and teaching of tutorials, exercises, and exams
"Standard Model and Grand Unified Theories" (Bonn University)2010 - 2011
Organization and teaching of tutorials, exercises, and exams
"Supersymmetry, Supergravity and Extra Dimensions" (Bonn University)2010
Organization and teaching of tutorials, exercises, and exams